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I’m booking a place in the workshops. Do I need to also book the movie and activity?2022-05-30T01:49:01+00:00

No. The movie and activity is free if you book a workshop series so you just need to purchase the workshop. You will just receive an email from us asking which date you’d like to attend the movie – Sun 19 June or Sun 26 June.


What if my child has special needs?2022-05-30T01:44:05+00:00

We want to make sure every child who is enrolled in our workshops feels safe, supported and included.  After booking you will receive a short questionnaire to fill out about your child so we can learn more about them, what their needs are and how best to prepare for the each of the participants. If we find that we have a number of children with special needs, given this group has a capacity of 20, we may discuss an option for alternate workshop dates to ensure we can adequately support their needs.

We are always open and available to chat about specific concerns or needs you have. You can email sharni@sproutscreative.com.au and we’ll arrange a time to chat.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-05-26T06:39:23+00:00
If your children are sick with COVID and unable to attend due to ISO, or are sick with a medical certificate, don’t worry, we will credit your payment so you can put it towards another upcoming workshop or show/festival we will be running or performing at.
For all other cancellations, unfortunately we are unable to provide a credit or refund. If you have any questions before booking please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website.
Where can I buy tickets?2022-05-26T02:23:37+00:00

You can purchase tickets to the movie screening here

You can purchase tickets to the workshops here

What happens in the Choosical workshop?2022-05-23T07:30:16+00:00

Modelled on a program that is rolling out in primary schools in 2023 in partnership with VicHealth and Drama Victoria, Choosical participants will explore a social emotional topic of their choice with expert facilitator-psychotherapist Sharni Page and co-design a song and performance piece with a composer, music producer and choreographer.

What happens in the Discoverers Workshop series?2022-05-23T07:27:05+00:00

Children aged 8 – 10 will participate in a series of age-appropriate workshops that use music, role play and creative arts to explore social emotional skills and topics like

  • learning new ways to process the challenges they’re facing at school,
  • hone their social skills and make their relationships stronger
  • feel more emotionally settled and connected with those around them
  • develop skills such as resilience, empathy and self awareness to set them up for life
What happens in the Beginners Workshop series?2022-05-23T07:24:45+00:00

Children aged 5 – 7 will participate in a series of age-appropriate workshops that use music, role play and creative arts to explore social emotional skills and topics like friendships, big feelings, feeling different to others and finding a sense of calm. The workshop series is called The Self Starter Project and has been developed over 2 years with the support of VicHealth and Drama Victoria.


I’d like to learn more before booking for the workshop series. Can I do this?2022-06-15T07:17:35+00:00

Yes! There will be a live Q & A on Facebook Live on Thurs June 16 at 8:30pm EST (click here to join), and also at the screening of the musical on Sunday 19 June at 2pm. Sharni and Bridget will demonstrate how they will work with your child and answer any questions you have.


What is the expertise of the facilitators?2022-05-23T07:05:11+00:00

Through their work with schools and families, Sprouts Creative have developed a reputation for high quality educational programs, theatre and music that help to improve the lives of children in Australia. The partnership of co-founders Bridget a’Beckett and Sharni Page combines the principles of psychotherapy with music, theatre and storytelling. By connecting with a child through their imagination and involving their whole bodies in the learning, problem-solving feels like play!

Sharni is a qualified psychodramatist, which means she uses action and role play to help children overcome obstacles and understand themselves better. Her philosophy, that learning happens best when it’s a whole body experience, forms the foundation of all Musical Sprouts educational content. She has created wellbeing programs for education institutions in Singapore and Dubai and her paper on Education in the 22nd Century was recently published at UN SDG4. Sharni is also a singer, voice artist and actor on stage and screen.

Bridget is a musician, actor, writer and composer. She has performed in professional musical theatre and as a solo artist. She has led creative projects in the government and community sectors as a facilitator, composer and Musical Director. She co-managed a project for VicHealth that was awarded the International Award for Arts and Health in Public Programs at the International Arts and Health Conference, 2012.





Is there a discount for booking two or more children into the workshop series?2022-05-25T23:28:05+00:00

The holiday program is overflowing with personalised fun, one-on-one upskilling and care, as such we are not offering a discount for more than one child.

My child can’t make all the dates. Can they still join?2022-05-30T04:49:00+00:00

In order for all children to feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves, participating in all workshops is ideal. If you need to miss a workshop that is OK, however no more than 2 workshops can be missed. Unfortunately no discounts can be applied for days you are unable to attend.

If we’ve booked in for the workshops do we need to attend the screening?2022-05-23T06:59:35+00:00

Yes. It is really important for the workshop participants to watch the musical as it forms the foundation of the work we will do together in the workshop week. If you can’t make the screening date, we can send you a special link to watch it at home prior to Sunday June 26.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-05-13T10:13:31+00:00
Do you have Working With Children Checks?2022-05-13T10:12:58+00:00


What do we need to bring?2022-05-30T04:44:41+00:00

Other than bringing a big dose of curiosity and courage, please bring labelled snack and water bottle, plus an item from home that makes your child feel comfortable if they are feeling nervous or unsure

Where is it being held?2022-05-30T01:50:28+00:00

Richmond Theatrette, 415 Church Street, Richmond.

There is parking beside the library and it is accessible via public transport.

How much is it?2022-06-15T07:19:31+00:00

Musical Movie and School Holiday Activity:

  • Child (up to age 18): $9.50 + gst
  • Adult $19.50 + gst
  • Families (2 adults, 2 children): $48.50 + gst

Workshop Series Fee:

  • $60 per workshop for every participant. Children must participate in all 5 workshops, so the total fee is $300.  Your child will be working with two professional stage performers with expertise in psychodrama and music. It’s an incredible opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. Don’t miss out!

If you book the workshop series and musical at the same time, tickets for the screening are FREE!!


Can I claim any rebates?2022-03-06T05:55:23+00:00

There are no rebates but you can use your self managed NDIS fund.

Where are you based?2022-03-06T05:53:45+00:00

I work in the Macedon Ranges, Melbourne, and make sure you look out for online sessions.

When will I see results?2022-03-06T05:53:05+00:00

Like anything, change happens over time with practice as your level of self awareness grows. However, after 1 session you will feel things shift. Whether this be a sense of clarity, lightness, energy and motivation. Or best of all, a light bulb moment.

Are you qualified?2022-03-06T05:52:14+00:00

Yes I have a BA in Psychology and 800 hours of specialty training to become a qualified psychotherapist. I have over 10 years experience working in this field.

But I’m not an actor?2022-03-06T05:50:15+00:00

Perfect. The role-play in a psychodrama is not about acting. It is about gaining greater clarity and self-awareness so that you can discover the elements in your life that are preventing you from moving forward, letting go, or being in the moment.

How does a Professional Development session work?2022-03-06T05:48:50+00:00

Think of it as a creative group brainstorming session on steroids. We explore your chosen theme, take your discussions, and put them into action using psychodrama techniques so that you can connect with your purpose, gain clarity, overcome obstacles and develop strategies on the most appropriate process moving forward. You will connect as a group and collaborate and relate with one another in new and engaging ways. Life is uncertain, but that is where the spontaneity and adventure lies and this session will help you embrace that.

Why is Psychodrama good for adults?2022-03-06T05:48:19+00:00

Our lives are busy. Our inner critic can feel a lot louder than our intuition. Our thoughts, feelings and past experiences leave an imprint on us, and affect the choices we make on a daily basis.

A psychodrama session helps you investigate and declutter your brain, gain insight, shift perspective and discover new possibilities. It does this by engaging your body in the work as well as your mind, enabling the brain to rewire itself in a shorter timeframe because it’s actively engaged as opposed to passively receiving information. It is through action that change can be experienced in the body.

Why is it good for children?2022-03-06T05:46:44+00:00

Children naturally problem solve on a daily basis through role play. When playing with their toys or friends they naturally take up roles, and the themes of their role play often relate to elements in their life they are processing. Listening to them play will give you clues as to what may be going on for them.

Children are also still very connected to the unspoken ways in which we communicate like body language, tone of voice, facial expression and the atmosphere in a room. Psychodrama harnesses this quality rather than dismisses it.

What will I experience in a psychodrama session?2022-03-06T05:45:38+00:00

The opportunity to discover specific challenges / aspirations that emerge on the day, whether that be a current problem, past situation, or future aspiration. With me by your side, we will explore these themes in action using props, or other people (if in a group), to find strategies and fresh perspectives for how to move forward.

Psychodrama offers a creative way to explore and solve problems. By encouraging an individual to address a problem in a spontaneous way based on impulse, problems become clearer and solutions achievable.

The process allows the ideas to emerge from the participant. Empowerment comes from finding the answers within us when given the opportunity to discover them.

Psychodrama sounds scary.2022-03-06T05:44:33+00:00

When something is scary we break it down. Psych (mind) + Drama (action). Not so scary now?

It is a technique that helps bring your inner world out in a practical way that gives you the power to choose what happens next. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, the process is fun and full of surprises.

What is psychodrama?2022-03-06T05:43:46+00:00

Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy that uses action and roleplay to help the participant better understand themselves and the people around them.

Can Songs in Action run alongside or separately from the rest of the program?2022-03-06T05:06:00+00:00

Yes, Songs in Action is designed to be flexible. It can either be a standalone workshop series or as a follow on from the Self Express program. In Songs in Action, we explore 3 songs and then have 3 activity music/drama workshops that align with the theme of each song. If you have a music class at your school, then it will be easier to run them alongside, however, if you are running Songs in Action in the classroom, depending on your curriculum, you might want to start this program after you have completed the Self Express Workshop series.

Can I split the show into 2 viewings?2022-03-06T05:03:16+00:00

Yes you can. We will give you a link to watch the complete show or two links so you can watch it in two sittings.

I am feeling anxious that I will lose control2022-03-06T05:01:18+00:00

It is most understandable that as a teacher you would like to know exactly what is likely to happen in these workshops and not knowing how children will respond in the moment can be incredibly anxiety provoking. However, as a teacher you face uncertain elements everyday, as children are unpredictable by nature. The irony is that by making time for the unpredictability in these workshops you will in fact be helping them become more predictable. You will understand them better and they will learn to understand themselves and their peers better. Feelings and social skills are messy, and by embracing this, letting them emerge as they need to, you can get to the other side where acceptance, insight and the life learnings will be discovered.

What are the important elements in a workshop?2022-03-06T05:00:14+00:00

As these workshops have been modelled on the way Sharni would run a psychodrama workshop, the questions she would ask and the active and creative ways she lets children express themselves, each element has been carefully thought through for maximum impact. The expression is what brings the feelings out and the reflection is what integrates the thoughts. Having regular moments throughout for students to share is where their deeper insight and integration comes from. These two elements are therefore most important.

Can I stretch the workshop out?2022-03-06T04:59:28+00:00

If you find you are running out of time or are spending more time on one activity, then although it is designed to run as a complete workshop, there may be moments you can pause and continue next time. One thing to consider however, is that if you choose to pause, it is important to finish after a reflection moment, so you can use that as the starting point when you continue on.
Please don’t pause is not at a moment when you have released all the feelings and there hasn’t been a sense of closure. So for example,

It looks like a lot of information, will it be too complicated?2022-03-06T04:57:39+00:00

When you first click on the Self Starter Project you may feel overwhelmed at all the topics within each workshop. But rest assured, it looks bigger than it is. We have created a step by step process so each workshop is manageable. At first glance it may look too big, but the reality is that by putting these steps in place you will find you can navigate the workshop better on the day to keep your kids engaged rather than searching and pausing and rewinding if you need the instructions again for example. In addition, as you and your students get used to the flow of the workshop process, each week will become easier and smoother.


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