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The Feeling Flower Experience

A two hour activity for the home or classroom that explores feelings through music, theatre, craft and movement. The Feeling Flower Experience contains 3 activities;

Musical Movie

“A great way to talk about feelings with kids. Songs took us through all the feels.

My 7 yr old said ‘I want my own feeling flower’- says it all really.”

Alex, mother of 7 yr old

Craft Activity

“As soon as we got home my daughter got the whole family to make a feeling flower together!

We had such a great conversation as we did it”

Felicity, mother of 8 yr old

Singing Yoga

“This would be a great activity for my students to do at school before we start class!”

Carolyn, mother of 6 & 8 yr olds

Why book the Feeling Flower Experience

Recent research into the impact of Covid-19 on Australian children’s mental health makes the following recommendations;

“It is important to embed social and emotional learning through everyday classroom teaching. These skills should complement traditional academic areas through the learning process. For teachers, this means having the confidence to identify social and emotional needs of all their students, and having the skills and knowledge to respond and support.”

This program has been created to help teachers and parents support the wellbeing of the children in their care.

The Feeling Flower Experience provides teachers with activities that allow them to check in on the wellbeing of their students as they’re having fun creating, chatting and exploring feelings.

It is simple, easy to use and curated by wellbeing experts that understand how to capture a child’s imagination in the learning process.

Easy to use and effective

Register and Download

Prepare Materials

Run the Activity

 “It really gave her something. It was as if she’d let out a huge sigh after the workshop. She was so…regulated!”

Alex, Mother

It was such a beautiful way of expressing and engaging some very complex ideas AND I loved the music!

Charmaine Monteiro, Mother

“Very practical, we will use the tips from the show to help children express themselves and use techniques when they get stuck with any feeling”

Nupur Verma, Mother

“Loved the concept. Such a great exploration of feelings. A great way to talk about feelings with kids. Songs took us through all the feels. My 5 yo stated ‘I want my own feeling flower’ – says it all really”

Elliet, Mother

Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads it?2022-08-17T01:23:30+00:00

The Feeling Flower Experience has been designed to be led by teachers in their classroom. It is easy-to-use and requires minimal planning or resources.

If you’d like the Musical Sprouts to visit your school for a live performance or workshop, click here

What resources are required to run this in my classroom?2022-08-17T01:23:38+00:00

Internet connection to stream film (available via a password on vimeo.com)

Projector or TV

1 x A4 printout per child (provided as downloadable PDF)

Craft materials

How do I know it’s a quality program?2022-08-17T01:37:14+00:00

The Feeling Flower Experience is supported by VicHealth’s Future Healthy Initiative and Drama Victoria.

Created by a team of wellbeing experts and professional artists, the program is;

  • structured around the SAFE Curriculum guidelines for social emotional learning as outlined in evidenceforlearning.org.au
  • supported by a program logic and theoretical underpinning.
  • aligns to the VELYDF Practice Principles for Kindergartens
  • complements existing school programs like Respectful Relationships and School Wide Positive Behaviour
  • covers curriculum areas of Personal and Social Capability, Health and Physical Education, Critical and Creative Thinking, Drama and Music
  • provides a creative-arts approach to teaching SEL that is endorsed by VicHealth and Drama Victoria

If you would like to be provided with any documents listed above, please Contact the team and we’d be happy to provide them.

How much is it?2022-08-17T01:23:50+00:00

For a single fee of $998 you will gain access to a program that;

1. Follows best practise for improving social and emotional learning in primary schools

2. Gives you a mechanism to communicate with students about how they’re feeling

3. Can be delivered school-wide and repeated each term, week or as part of a daily mental health check-in.


What will children do?2022-08-17T01:23:59+00:00

1. Watch an original musical featuring the Musical Sprouts

2. Get up and moving with a singing yoga session led by the characters

3. Create their own feeling flower with art and craft

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