“We had the most wonderful time together, thank you Sprouts!”

Larissa, Parent

For Families

Are you needing help to support your child as they navigate a changing world?
Whether it’s live entertainment, guilt-free screen time or activity ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Private Sessions

Does your child need help managing big emotions? Are you unsure where to turn for support? Book a private session and watch your child harness their imagination to grow their self-awareness.

 “It really gave her something. It was as if she’d let out a huge sigh after the workshop. She was so…regulated!”

Alex, Mother

It was such a beautiful way of expressing and engaging some very complex ideas AND I loved the music!

Charmaine Monteiro, Mother

“Very practical, we will use the tips from the show to help children express themselves and use techniques when they get stuck with any feeling”

Nupur Verma, Mother

“Loved the concept. Such a great exploration of feelings. A great way to talk about feelings with kids. Songs took us through all the feels. My 5 yo stated ‘I want my own feeling flower’ – says it all really”

Elliet, Mother