Sprouts Masterclass

How do your students learn best?

Sitting at a desk listening quietly or getting active, learning with their bodies and their minds?

Sitting at a desk listening quietly or getting active, learning with their bodies and their minds?

In your experience as a teacher

What is the biggest obstacle to a child’s learning?

Distraction? Confidence? Hunger? The list could go forever, but there is one commonality these obstacles share


Beneath all our actions is a feeling

If we give them space to emerge, we know how to cope with them

Experienced Facilitator and Wellbeing Practitioner Sharni Page

will work with your students to identify what feelings are preventing them from moving forward, either in the classroom, playground or within themselves.

Sharni’s process uses the principles of psychodrama, a drama-based therapeutic modality that is playful yet highly impactful.

“a process that is playful yet highly impactful”

Children are encouraged to switch off their analytical brain so spontaneity and instinct can take over.

Starting with a carefully crafted warm-up the students are led through a process of identifying feelings, shifting perspectives and interacting with each other in a guided role play.

Students love working in this new way, and the insights they offer are profound.

A common observation from teachers is that the students with the highest level of disengagement in the classroom setting are the most active participants.

A Student's Experience
A Student's Experience
Hear from a Woodend Primary School student after she experienced a Sprouts Masterclass in August 2023
Wellbeing coordinator's experience
Wellbeing coordinator's experience
Hear from a Wellbeing Coordinator speak of her observations from watching a Masterclass
Case Study
Case Study
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Explore the topic of your choice

Past topics include:

  • When I care about something but others don’t
  • I’m not ready for high school
  • I’m anxious about camp

The Details

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Capacity: 50 students

Space Required: Large cleared space, carpeted if possible

If you’d like a workshop hosted at your school, please fill out this form and Bridget or Sharni will contact you.