Meet The Team

Bridget a’Beckett


Bridget is a musician, actor, writer and composer. She has performed in professional musical theatre and as a solo artist. She has led creative projects in the government and community sectors as a facilitator, composer and Musical Director. She co-managed a project for VicHealth that was awarded the International Award for Arts and Health in Public Programs at the International Arts and Health Conference, 2012.

Sharni Page


Sharni is a qualified psychodramatist, which means she uses action and role play to help children overcome obstacles and understand themselves better. Her philosophy, that learning happens best when it’s a whole body experience, forms the foundation of all Musical Sprouts educational content. She has created wellbeing programs for education institutions in Singapore and Dubai and her paper on Education in the 22nd Century was recently published at UN SDG4. Sharni is also a singer, voice artist and actor on stage and screen.

James Ferguson

Musician, Arranger

Cameron Barnett

John Kachoyan

Michael Ralph

Michael Logo


Julia Davis


Abigail Vincent (9 yrs)

Website Illustrator

Maylin Evanochko