Is your child struggling?

Anxiety, big feelings, life changes, school transition…the list goes on. How do you know what’s happening inside your child when they are too young to know themselves?

Meet Sharni

Sharni Page is a skilled psychodramatist with a naturally warm, intuitive personality that can put a child instantly at ease.

Her unique background of psychology and theatre creates a playful and safe environment for children to learn about themselves through the power of role play and creative exploration.

Sharni’s skill lies in her ability to read the clues that present in a child’s imaginative play, bringing them into focus to uncover the reason behind the behaviour.

For further insight into the philosophy behind her practise, read Sharni’s paper ‘Informal Education as 22nd Century Future Education’, co-authored for the UN in 2019.

From one parent to another, we can't do it all

We know that our kids can be more willing to try new things with adults that aren’t their parents!

Let Sharni focus on the following so you can focus on enjoying your child

Do the investigating

…using psychodrama, a drama-based therapeutic technique that helps a child shut down the analytical brain in order to access their spontaneity and creativity. What feels like play to a child can be revelatory to a parent.

Save you time and effort

Finding the right help for your child can feel like a game of chance. Remove the guesswork by identifying their needs first.

Use imagination to find solutions

Because that is where the solution can be found. Nothing is more empowering than a child solving their own problem!

“My child LOVED today. It was as if she let out a huge sigh after the workshop. She was so….regulated!.” 

Alex, mother of 8 yr old

“My child LOVED today. It was as if she let out a huge sigh after the workshop. She was so….regulated!.” 

Alex, mother of 8 yr old

Sharni’s process works for humans at every stage


1:1 sessions increase a child’s self awareness, supporting them to find their own solutions

Parent and child

Deepen the bond between you and your child by giving them the support they really need


Fast-track your child’s social awareness by exploring different perspectives through interactions with their peers


We deliver group workshops for children and adults including professional dev for teachers and corporates

“Prioritising our kids’ health and wellbeing has never been more important or urgent”
VicHealth CEO Dr Sandro Demaio Oct 2021

The Sprouts Philosophy

Our mission at Sprouts Creative is to use creativity, theatre and music to enable kids to reset their brain through being spontaneous and in the moment. By getting their thoughts, feelings and actions working together, children are capable of being the architects of their own emotional growth.

To be a respectful human being is to develop the skills to lead oneself.

Our mission is to lead by listening, responding and working alongside children, parents and educators, enabling a discovery of their own inner experts.

“Being a leader is to be the model for creating the container for which another’s best work can be done.”
Jerry Colonna, Professional Coach, Reboot CEO

This is how we lead at Sprouts Creative. Not to direct and tell children how it must be done, but to co-create and enable the skills for them to do it by themselves.