Yella And The Feeling Flower

“Everybody should see it. All ages, all genders. You could show that to anyone and they’d all take something away.”

Kerri Ritchie, ABC Producer

Did you know that Musical Sprouts are magical creatures that live in a garden of singing flowers?

Except Yella. Her flower doesn’t sing. Apparently she’s too young, too impatient, too excitable and not a good enough listener.

Until now.

Today is her birthday and she’s about to embark on an adventure to find her feelings so her flower will sing.

But feelings are not all she finds…

Yella And The Feeling Flower is a musical rite of passage that gives children a unique perspective on the world of emotions and how to manage them.

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  • 50 mins / Ages 6 – 12
  • Black Box Theatres
  • Themes include diversity, friendship, social and emotional awareness

Yella and The Feeling Flower contains themes of gender diversity, inclusion and social emotional literacy. It forms the basis of a wellbeing program for primary schools called The Self Starter Project.

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Education Package

Do you worry about your child’s behaviour or anxiety due to constant change?

Yella and the Feeling Flower unlocks the door to an 8 week social emotional program for kids that harnesses their creativity, strengthening resilience, self awareness and compassion in the process.
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“That was an absolutely wonderful performance. I really loved the way you used creative arts to teach children about feelings”

Saced Heart Primary Teacher

“The ideas, so simple for kids to grasp but really very sophisticated.It was inspiring. Loved it!”

Newham Primary Parent

“What a joy, an insightful and empathic rollercoaster you took us on.I fell in love with every character. ”

Nikita Hederics

“The children were so engaged, you had them giggling right from the start”

Newham Primary Parent

“Everybody should see it – all ages, all genders. We’d all take something away”

Kerri Ritchie, ABC Producer

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